Benjamin T. Bishop

Vice President / Information Management

37 Years Experience

Ben Bishop is the director of information management. His responsibilities include the management of information technology, client account operations, and marketing business intelligence.  Ben also serves as associate compliance officer.

Prior to joining Caprin, Ben managed projects in support of the Capital One Financial credit card website. Prior to that, he joined Richmond-based consumer electronics retailer Circuit City in 1994. There he managed projects in support and development of the company’s in-house point of sale and inventory systems. Ben began his career during college as an intern, and later after graduation as a developer, building logistics and manufacturing QC systems for Hercules, a specialty chemicals manufacturer.

Ben received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Virginia Tech in 1985, and his Master’s Certificate in Project Management from The George Washington University School of Business in 2002. A lifelong resident of Chesterfield County, Virginia, Ben and his family enjoy camping, boating, and local sporting events.



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